Vista Aerospace Solutions, LLC provides turnkey certification services to deliver Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for Part 23, Part 25, Part 27, and Part 29 customer programs for a range of products and solutions for major design changes on aircraft. Vista staffs a delegated team of FAA DERs who are experts in systems integration, installation support, testing at the component and aircraft levels, and in providing comprehensive certification solutions for a wide range of aerospace products to thru timely delivery of FAA STCs and FAA Parts Manufacturer Approvals (PMAs) to our customers. Our certification services range from type design approvals for smaller projects to full interior reconfigurations for larger programs for the electrical, mechanical, structural, and weight and balance DER specialties.

Vista maintains close working relationships with the FAA and stays up-to-date on current and upcoming FAA guidance policies, memoranda, statements, and requirements. Vista tailors our certification services to fit the needs and expectations of our customers to deliver customized STCs for any size project.

Vista provides full support for certification testing from the component level (DO-160) to aircraft level test witnessing for Part 23, Part 25, Part 27, and Part 29 customer programs and performs comprehensive DER inspections for wire routing and EWIS for compliance with Part 26 requirements. Vista also validates foreign STCs through the bilateral agreement procedures and offers services to obtain foreign certifications (EASA, TCCA, CASA, CAAC, JCAB, and others) concurrent with FAA STCs for any size project, complexity or scope for all customer programs.