Vista Aerospace Solutions, LLC staffs an expert team of FAA DERs with extensive engineering backgrounds in component design and construction, material and component analysis, systems integration, and substantiation of data to support certification of prototype, modified or derivative aerospace products for Part 23, Part 25, Part 27, and Part 29 aircraft. These certifications may be accomplished via FAA STCs or via the Test and Computation methods for FAA PMA.

Analysis & Substantiation Reports

  • Engineering Design Similarity Analysis Reports
  • LRU Comparative Design Analysis & Substantiation Reports
  • Mechanical Analysis & Substantiation Reports
  • Reverse Engineering Analysis & Substantiation Reports
  • Flammability Analysis & Compliance Reports
  • Structural Analysis & Substantiation Reports
  • Weight & Balance Manual Supplements/Reports
  • Enhanced Zonal Analysis Procedures (EZAP) Reports
  • EWIS Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (if required)
  • Part 26 EWIS Inspection Compliance Reports
  • Electrical Load Analysis Reports
  • System Safety Assessments / Functional Hazard Assessments
  • Issue Papers & Exemption Reports