Vista Aerospace Solutions, LLC offers full Aircraft EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnect System) evaluations, analysis, substantiation, and reports for aircraft wire designs, integration and installation to meet all FAA guidelines. Our team has EWIS experts on staff to meet all of your wire installation needs for any size project or scope of complexity.

EWIS Expertise and Capabilities

  • Fully EWIS delegated DERs to perform:
    • Review of wire routing drawings and installation design data
    • Analyze all data and undertake the zonal analysis of all affected areas
    • Develop Enhanced Zonal Analysis Procedures report for Part 26 compliance
    • Develop the Part 26 Compliance Report
  • DER wire compliance inspections for EWIS installations as follows:
    • Aircraft wire routing inspections for shipside areas
    • Identify areas of non-compliance and work with customer to resolve any issues
    • Ensure overall wire installation is compliant with FAA requirements
  • DER wire compliance inspections for non-EWIS installations as follows:
    • Galley, lavatory, VCC, stow bins, crew rest, and monument wire routing inspections
    • Seat and power panel wire compliance inspections